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Some Pitch Wars Stats

Pitch Wars is in full swing and many of us mentors are knee deep in glorious words, crying over the fact that we can only choose one! I’ve always found the behind the scenes stuff fascinating so I’m going to let you into a small look at what I’ve been working with.

I received 89 subs this year! That’s almost double from last year. Part of that is due to expanding my wish list, part of that is due to the sheer jump in numbers the overall contest received.

Here’s how those 89 subs broke down:

  • 16% were New Adult, the rest Adult with one YA I had to automatically remove.
  • 21% did not follow my wish list. (Sad panda)
  • Highest word count: 141K
  • Lowest word count: 45K
  • My genre breakdown. Note that I simplified some genres to make the chart less crazy. Also note that some marked Contemporary were really Contemporary Romance and I spotted them easily. Some of the Women’s Fiction did not appear to match my wish list (if you read my wish list, this isn’t you, don’t worry!)


To date I’ve read 827 pages and can usually tell within the first 2-3 if a story is right for me or not. That number read is actually higher since I read fulls on my kindle and don’t have all of those updated yet. And no, I do not read every full in complete. I read until I have enough to make my decision.

I did not get nearly as much diverse stories as I did last year, less for disabled characters. Makes me sad but could mean there weren’t as many participating. (more sad panda)

I’ve made requests (currently at 12%), founds some I’ve loved, some I’ve passed on to others (no stats, sorry, I’d have to sort through all I’ve mentioned and compare that with all I’ve sent, it’s not easy!), and some that I’m not the right person for. I am not done requesting. I’ve also received some subs from others that were not subbed to me.

Here’s a look into my actual notes in my spreadsheet. I write these for my own eyes only, not intending to share, so there’s no filter here. I’ve blanked out any areas too telling. These are also random places in my inbox. No, I will not share what the colors indicate.


I’ve found a lot of high quality stories in my inbox, so you should all pat yourselves on the back. I hope you all have been making connections with your fellow potential mentees. My core group of CPs (Critique Partners) have all come from contests, either directly or indirectly and I would be nothing without them.

In regards to feedback: I’m a feedback junkie. Love it, and when I was in the trenches I always craved it to help point me in the right direction (news flash, one opinion from one person is just that, one opinion, it might not be right for you, but three similar opinions require some consideration). Last year I sent out feedback to everyone who subbed to me. This year I am not going to have the time. If you are interested in feedback, please comment below or on twitter with your title and I will add you to my list. I cannot promise how prompt I will be, and for most of you it will only be a few lines, but I will get to it.

And that’s your tiny insight into what’s going on in my inbox.


23 thoughts on “Some Pitch Wars Stats

  1. Hi Laura, Thanks for the insight, here! I would LOVE feedback. Like you, I am a feedback junkie. That’s how I learn. I appreciate your time. Desperately Seeking Clarity. (Literally my MS & me too!)

  2. Thank you for taking the time to share behind-the-scenes stats. I love feedback as well, and would certainly appreciate some, although I know you’ll be super busy with whoever you choose to mentor. It always helps me reevaluate my scene. Thank you!!

  3. Hi Laura! Thank you for this information and writing this post. It’s always great to see the stats. If you have the time, I’d greatly appreciate and value your feedback for Written in Blood. Thank you so much for the offer!

  4. Hi Laura! Thank you for the post – it was really interesting. I love hearing all the stats. I would love any feedback you have to offer on Summoned! I’ve been a bit paranoid seeing how many mentors have received items not on their wishlist. I know you said you were game for some light fantasy (which I believe Summoned falls into) but I’m wondering if I have it all wrong! So anything would be so helpful to me! And to also know if I’m wrong – yikes! Thank you!

  5. Thank you for donating your time and expertise as a PW Mentor. This is my first experience with such a contest and even my first experience with tweeting! (I am a late bloomer in every sense!) If you have any comments for Spurred to Justice, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you again!

  6. You are awesome to share insight and offer help!! Would love feedback on my submission, MOTHERHOOD. Can’t thank you enough for your time!! I could go on giving thanks, but I’m sure your tired of reading!

  7. Thank you for your insight & all the time you’ve invested! Any feedback you could provide would be much appreciated. My MS is “Love For An Heiress.”

  8. Hi, Laura, thank you for sharing this! I love stats and I’m always interested in seeing breakdowns like this one.
    I’d really appreciate some feedback, even if it’s just your initial impression like the ones listed in the table above – after all, this reaction is what I’m interested in with agents, too!
    My story is called DELICIOUSLY YOURS.

  9. Laura, thank you so much for your willingness to provide feedback. My novel is 365 Santas; and I am looking for ways to make improvements! Any help or insight will be appreciated. Thanks again!

  10. Hi Laura. Thank you for sharing your stats. I would love feedback from you if you have the time! Thank you so much for your generosity in mentoring Pitchwars and for offering feedback! IF WISHES WERE HORSES

  11. I didn’t sub to Pitch Wars this year, and I don’t write to your categories, but “Over reaction to a good looking man killed it.” was worth the price of admission. Good luck sorting and choosing

  12. Thank you for sharing! My inner Velma immediately tried to solve The Mystery of the FMEO Spreadsheet! LOL. I’d love some feedback on BUSINESS OF LOVE if you still have room on your list. Appreciate all the time and effort you put into being a PW mentor. Plus, your poor eyes!!

  13. Eight-nine subs? Goodness, you have your hands full! Thanks for investing so much time whittling down this group of hopeful writers. I can’t imagine how challenging it must be. Since you offered, I’d love feedback on my sub, THE LAST RESORT, if possible. Any nudges or pokes in the right direction will only make it stronger. Thanks for all you do.

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