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Don’t Let History Repeat

As a Jewish person. As a disabled person. As a woman. I am scared. I grew up learning about my history—my past—the Holocaust. I thrived on the words: Never Again. I couldn’t fathom how someone like Hitler came into power, how so much hate could prevail.

I still can’t, and I’m watching it happen all over again. Parts of my family tree remain a question mark, and we can safely guess they died in concentration camps. Parts of my family, millions of my people, wiped out for nothing more than being part of our religion.

And now we are attacking different races. Religions. Sexuality. Genders. Disabilities. Now people are being told to go home, when the only ones who deserve to stay are the natives, and they are treated the worst out of all groups. Whites, you don’t own this land. You are immigrants, just like most of us. You have no right.

We are all humans. We all deserve peace and respect and love. Not hate. Hate has no place in this world, yet we fall back on it time and time again. When has hate ever done as much good as love can? How does hurting your neighbor benefit your soul?

It doesn’t, but somehow, others refuse to see someone different from them as deserving. And I can’t wrap my head around that level of hatred. I can’t condone it or support it. Those are the walls I want to tear down. The walls of hate. The walls that don’t accept.

Unlike people of color, I can hide behind my white skin, but not after declaring my religion. I can even hide my ears at times. And I don’t want to hide. Why should I hide when others can’t?

Please, see the hate. Recognize it’s real. Fight it. Don’t let WWIII happen. Don’t let people die for being different than white. Don’t. Let. It. Happen. Again.

I have a young son. I want to cry looking at him. I no longer know what world he will grow up in. If he will be safe. I see his smiles, his joy and happiness, and I worry. I see his friends, spanning different races, religions, etc. I see their smiles and I want them to remain. They are children, children who as of now understand love, not hate. I don’t want that to change.

And I realize I’m preaching to the choir here. Either you already agree with me, or I damn well am not going to change your mind. But if you don’t agree with me and are listening, if you are part of what created this, I urge you to open your eyes and your heart. See what is happening. See the fear. See the reality. Absorb it, understand it. And rise up. Do what YOU can to make a difference.

Our children—children of different races, religions, disabilities, sexualities, genders, etc—they all are looking to you. Their future is in your hands.


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