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The Most Important Part About Writing

The world of a writer is a complex one. There is so much to worry about, from craft to getting an agent, or publisher, sales, or reviews. There are ups and down, valleys and droughts, and so many, many highs.

It’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of it all. To chase that next great thing, be it another deal or review or kind word. There are doubts and insecurities and days where words just will not come.

And in the end, none of that matters. Whether or not you land an agent or publisher, whether or not you produce a best seller, or get a starred review, none of that matters except for one important part:

Enjoy writing.

There is nothing like that moment when a plot clicks and comes together. Nothing like that phrase that flows effortlessly onto the page. Nothing like working on a single paragraph for a week and finally, finally making it sing.

Those are the reasons why we write. I know, I have heard some people don’t write for the thrill of it, and I honestly can’t relate. Writing is a need for me, like breathing or eating. It doesn’t come daily, but it fills me inside.

It’s the creativity of it, creating characters and a world and making it come alive on the page. Yes, I’m a feedback junkie, there’s nothing better than getting good reports from my CPs (Critique Partners). But if I don’t first make myself smile, then what’s the point?

Because it takes a lot of hours, blood, sweat, and tears, to get the words just so on the page. And after all that work, I need those moments where the words make me giddy. Where if no one else ever sees them, ever meets my characters, I still revel in their lives, in what I’ve created.

It’s so easy to get caught up in everything else, especially as a career moves forward. To keep progressing, one needs to step back to the creating stage to create more. Deadlines, real life, ups and downs, it all comes into play.

At the end of the day, it’s just words, and it’s for us, the writers, to enjoy first and foremost. Everyone else comes later.


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