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Deaf Awareness Month Giveaway!

Back in August, I began planning a little something special for September: Deaf Awareness Month. Only my research pointed me to 2015, and to Deaf Awareness Week, which was earlier this year. If anyone planned on continuing the celebration of awareness, it was a hidden notion less than a month ahead of time.

Flash ahead to the end of September, and I finally see my first instance of Deaf Awareness Month. Now, I know the world has a lot of different causes to spread awareness on, and it’s hard for any one group to gain attention and voice. But to see an important even like this nearly pass with limited acknowledgement, that makes me sad.

Because we do need Deaf awareness. We need people to understand what it means to have a hearing loss. There are so many misassumptions out there, presented as facts, that it takes an open mind and time to understand the truth.

Fortunately, I’m a writer, and I have my own way of spreading awareness: I write about hearing loss. My Avon debut features hard of hearing and Deaf main characters. And since my hard of hearing heroine is very much on the outside of hearing loss, the book involves her journey into learning about and accepting her ears.

I traveled a similar journey when I began taking ASL classes in college. I went from disliking my ears, to them being such a positive part of who I am. And that’s the biggest thing: many people with a hearing loss are happy as they are.

In honor of Deaf Awareness Month, I’m giving away FIVE epub versions of this novel, SIGNS OF ATTRACTION! Click on the rafflecopter link below for your chance to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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