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Why We Write

This past week has been amazing, with SIGNS OF ATTRACTION releasing. I want to take a moment to thank all of you who purchased a copy, left a review, shared the release, or just jumped up and down with me. You’ve made this a truly wonderful experience.

But all those high moments can’t last long. Soon everything begins to settle down. And I had a moment. Where people were reading my book. Where readers were enjoying MY book. And the very first thing to come to mind?

I want to do this again.

I want to create something as powerful as SIGNS OF ATTRACTION is. I want to keep writing, I want to keep sharing. Yes, it would be wonderful to support myself and my family through my writing career.

But writing is about writing. It’s about having these characters, these stories, and creating them. It’s about words and emotions on the page.

That’s what I want to keep doing. And I have been, but it’s been a long six months. I’m not going to lie, I burnt myself out a bit (more on that later). But now I’m fired up. Now I’m ready to dive back in. After months of a general stressed out “blah” feeling, it’s wonderful to have this drive, this energy, to do more.

First, a well deserved break. And with any luck these new characters will stop talking just long enough for me to completely recharge. Because I’ve got plans for them, and they may be talking now, but they won’t like me very much in a few weeks.


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