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Vlog: SIGNS OF ATTRACTION Inspirations

You’ll notice something different in this vlog: I’m not speaking. I’m using ASL only. If you don’t understand ASL, click the CC button (can be found on the lower right hand part of the screen) for captions. Yes, it’s a little awkward, but it’s how I and others with a hearing loss watch videos, television, movies, etc. It’s why I’ve taken the time to caption all my vlogs.

As SIGNS OF ATTRACTION releases next week, this is my last prepared vlog. If you want to see more from me, let me know! Make a comment and give me ideas for future vlogs.

If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy, click here for options!


2 thoughts on “Vlog: SIGNS OF ATTRACTION Inspirations

  1. I’ll have to disagree, the best time to get idea is when cleaning and chopping vegetables 😉

    Why did you ever think that people wouldn’t read about a deaf character? If it’s a geed story and it’s a good character, I’ll love them whoever they are.

    • Well, like most writers with diverse backgrounds, we don’t see ourselves represented in fiction. So we write what we read, and have no way of knowing if our diversity will be widely accepted. I didn’t know if people outside of the hearing loss community would want to read a story about characters who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing. And I’m so happy with the positive reaction I’ve received!

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