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What It Takes To Create A Novel

So, you want to write a book. All you need to do is open a fresh writing document—or grab a fresh piece of paper and a pen—and start writing. Right?

Yes…and no.

Ultimately speaking, yes writing is words on the page. Some of those words come easy, others are yanked from a writer’s very soul. I’ve finished the very last thing I will do for SIGNS OF ATTRACTION—as far as I can currently foresee—and took a look at its folder on my computer.

171 files.

That couldn’t be right, could it?! I started counting and realized—holy shit—171 files is correct. 171 files to create one book.

This folder is still titled SILENCE, the original working title I used. Some of the files are titled SILENT HEART or SILENT ATTRACTION, two other working titles utilized along the way, until the final title came to exist. There are chapter by chapter breakdowns used to send to CPs (Critique Partners). There are images of inspirations for my characters. Queries. Entries into contests. Full versions sent to agents. My own agent’s edits. My editor’s edits. Copy edits.

This folder was created on October 20, 2014. A year ago I sent my query to my agent. A year ago this whole journey was a dream, a goal, a hope I yearned for. And, as journey’s go, I didn’t realize it was just the beginning.

Each file contains a small part of the journey. A part of my growth as a writer, a part of my story’s metamorphosis. What began as a single POV story of my heart, grew into a dual POV story of my soul.

Make no mistake about it, without hard work, and the willingness to bend, mold, and shift my story, I wouldn’t be where I am.

171 files later and the novel is out of my hands, ready for its release in just under a month. So much went into this one digital file people will download to read. Is it really worth only 171 files?


2 thoughts on “What It Takes To Create A Novel

  1. Awesome that your hard work was all worth it. This inspires me to keep going. I’m just now getting into the agent/publishing part of this whole writing thing. Rejections are tough but your post reminds me that hard work can have a nice pay off, eventually.

    • Good luck! Rejection is part of the game. Remember, a match is about so much more than good writing. Keep working, keep moving forward, your time will come!

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