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Something New: First Vlog!

I’ve been thinking of doing a vlog for a while now, especially as I can often be found talking to myself. However, I talk to myself mostly in ASL, and yes, even when I’m driving!

With SIGNS OF ATTRACTION releasing in six weeks (eek!) I thought more and more about the vlog. Especially if I signed along with speaking. SIGNS OF ATTRACTION is about a hard of hearing undergrad who meets a Deaf grad student, and ASL is a big part of the novel.

So here I am, in all my awkward glory. And, as a bonus, two of my cats decided they wanted their fifteen minutes of fame. I do have captions, but you may need to click the CC button to activate them.


4 thoughts on “Something New: First Vlog!

  1. Ohmygosh. I love this! I really liked all of your explanations (and the cat-interruptions were awesome, by the way), and speaking both languages at the same time is such a neat idea! It wasn’t awkward at all — at least to me, though I’m a primary English speaker with only a year of high school ASL, so I understood only a little bit of what you said there. 😛

    I’m very intrigued – I look forward to your other vlogs! And now I’m excited to read your book! It’ll come out a few days before a family vacation so that’ll be a perfect plane-ride distraction… 🙂

  2. I admire your ability to talk and sign at the same time! I learned some tiny bits of sign language with my children but not enough to get by. It’s been on a bucket list of things to do. Watching you doing it with ease in inspiring!

    And you know I can’t wait to read your book. ❤

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