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I’ve been struggling with balance lately. Balance in my personal vs writing life, balance between my projects, CP reads, and contests I’m helping with. Balance between how much time to devote to my writing.

This year is unlike any other for me in regards to my writing. I’m in a very different place. I’m writing to meet deadlines, I’m helping in contests rather than participating. My To Do list is long, with definitive goals.

I’m the type of person where I want to work until my goal is done. And then move onto the next. And the next. And the next. This is turning into Super Hero Laura, who must complete all her deadlines in half the time and…no, no. Stop. There is no Super Hero Laura. There is only Balance Laura.

My family needs me, different aspects of my writing needs me. Heck, there’s this thing called “laundry” and “exercise” and I swear these are naughty words! I need to learn what deadlines I need to hole away with my laptop glued to my hands, and which I need to let simmer for a bit while I remember that there’s a sun and it shines and it’s outside away from my computer. (And if you suggest I take my laptop outside you need this post more than I do!)

I’m not going to have the answer today, or tomorrow. There isn’t a magic answer, as balance is different for every person. I need to learn what works for me, what works for my family. I need to learn to juggle my projects better, and deal with the fact that yes, there will always be a To Do list, and it will be long. But if I juggle it right, everything will get done without sacrifice.

I’d like to think that next year will be better, after I’ve learned what to expect with my trad career and contest participation. But there’s a funny thing about publishing: I’m pretty sure next year won’t be anything like this year. Each novel is different. With any luck, what I’m learning I’ll be able to apply to the future. With a wide berth for modification.

So, tell me, how do you manage your balancing act?


4 thoughts on “Balance

  1. I will admit I’m not the best at balancing everything. The one thing that has helped me at least relax in the day besides yoga is an hour in the morning to myself… Before the household wakes up. It’s like I need my time to get ready for the day

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