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Movies Refusal to Caption Songs

Hi, me again, writing about captioning songs in movies. I’ve been sick with a cold, so my ears are blocked, making it harder for me to hear. Husband and I settled down to watch a light movie. I was in my pajamas and my hearing aids were off.

When I don’t have my hearing aids on, I cannot rely on spoken sound when watching a movie or Television. The captions may help me comprehend some of the noise I hear, but that’s it.

We decided to watch Hotel Translyvania. The movie started and then Drac sings to Mavis.

No captions. Just an animated character, so lipreading wasn’t even an option, singing to another.

Now we had originally seen this movie on cable. On cable it had captions. Fully accessible. On DVD none.

This isn’t the first time I’ve come across something I was able to watch on Television but not on a DVD version. I’m sure there is something behind the scenes with getting the captions and rights and what not. But it’s really, really frustrating to suddenly be locked out of something I once enjoyed.

Hearing readers: do me a favor, will you? Mute your computer/mobile device. Go on, I’ll wait until that bar has a red line through it, or is down to zero. Done? Good. Now click play:


I couldn’t find a version without an advertisement, or started right away with the song. So I apologize.

Finished? How enjoyable was that? Did you even make it through the whole song before giving up? Even if the subtitles are only for hearing people who don’t speak English, how enjoyable is it? This song is important, Drac’s words are important.

But…discrimination. Lack of consideration for the entire audience. How hard is it to continue with the captioning for a few songs?

How hard is it to respect?

From everything I see: pretty darn hard.


5 thoughts on “Movies Refusal to Caption Songs

  1. I too have noticed this. I rarely have my aids on while watching Tv, due to comfort. My hearing loss is profound, its more noise then enjoyment. I find so often the CCs are missing words, or just disappears completely. This world should already be up to speed with helping the deaf in more ways. Deafness/ hearing loss is NOT a new thing.

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