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2015 in Review

2015 has been a long and wonderful year for me. So much has happened that I need to take a moment to remember each step along the way.

For starters, last January I was finishing edits on a project, then waiting for feedback from my fellow writers. I had written so many first drafts in 2014 that I declared 2015 the year of edits!

I started with my New Adult novel, SILENT ATTRACTION. This novel went through quite a few overhauls, tweaks, and complete revisions. My readers loved it, spurring on my confidence.

A great deal of time was spent entering SILENT ATTRACTION into contests and querying agents. I love contests and was so honored to make it through to the agent round, including getting some mentor eyes on my query and first chapter.

In the meantime I managed to edit one project, an adult contemporary romance set on a cruise ship. But then, oh then, my muse broke her cage and forced me back to first draft mayhem.

I spent the rest of the year going back and forth between drafts and edits. I wrote another New Adult novel. I shelved two novels at the halfway point. I started a third novel. All the while I continued querying.

In October I signed with my lovely agent. In November I landed a two book deal. I knew early on SILENT ATTRACTION was destined for something good, but I never imagined the path it would take me on.

Last year I was in the trenches, writing, improving on my craft, searching for the one that would get me to the next step. One never really knows when their life is about to take a turn for the better, when just a few more steps will bring you to the finish line. All we can do is keep writing, keep improving, and keep trying.

If you are still in the trenches: keep at it. You never know what’s waiting around the corner.

2016 will be a different year for me. I have two books to prep for publication. I have deadlines now, along with an agent and editor to help make my work shine. It’s a very different state than I was in last year.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


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