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7x7x7 Challenge!

There’s been a challenge floating around Twitter to post lines from your WIP (Work In Process), seven lines, on page seven, seven lines down. I was first challenged by Vanessa Rodriguez (@Married2ARod). Like a good writer friend, I opened up my WIP, found page seven, seven lines down… Nope, not interesting enough. I hid in a corner and let the opportunity pass. Then BK Rivers (@WriterRivers) tagged me and I checked another ms and decided it still wasn’t good enough.

I thought I had escaped the challenge, until Kate Michael (@_KateMichael) tagged me once again. Third times the lucky charm, I guess, because here I am! Most writers have been tagged, so I’m not tagging anyone myself. Unless you haven’t had a chance to play, if which case: Tag! You’re next!

Here’s seven lines from page seven of my latest novel, a NA contemporary romance. If you’ve been paying attention to how I do things, both my main characters are Deaf. I’m only about 17k into the novel, and as a pantster that means the plot is still forming and evolving. It also means this is very, very, VERY first draft and has not been cleaned up. Tentatively titled WAKE ME:

I smiled as a tear trickled down my cheek.

Me: What makes you think I need a guy?

Devon: Because I’m a hunk?

I laughed. Sure, Dev had muscles, no clue where they came from. But drool worthy. But bffs were strictly forbidden in the hunk zone.

Me: I’m fine.

Devon: Bullshit. Staying up all night is the only way to see you sometimes. Come here. I can pick you up.

And that’s it! Once again, tag yourself if you haven’t had a chance to play. Now I’m going back to my corner to hide.


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