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Pitch Wars Mentee Bio

Todays blog is a fun contribution to a contest I’m participating in, Pitch Wars. If you haven’t heard about this wonderful contest, run by the amazing Brenda Drake, click here and prepare to be blown away. Below is me talking a bit about myself, with gifs. It’s a Pitch Wars thing.

Hello potential mentors and fellow PitchWars peeps! This is my second year participating in this contest, and I absolutely love it. The best thing about contests: no matter what happens there is so much to learn, and so many friends to make.

A little about me: I live in Massachusetts with my husband and five year old son (Mommy brag: he’s reading! But not allowed near Mommy’s books). I have three cats and they all have a disability. My oldest—a black and white tiny gal—is deaf with no peripheral vision, my other two are littler mates with cerebellar hypoplasia (they have an underdeveloped cerebellum leading to poor coordination). I call them the twins, since they are nearly identical long-haired, gray, Maine Coon mixes who shed all over my house.

I’m a self-described extrovert trapped in an introverted body, which makes me right at home in social media, even if I lurk a great deal of the time. I graduated from Boston University with a degree in Deaf Studies which led to working in social work for ten years before burning out.

I now work in the family business selling custom window treatments. A huge change of pace but it calls to my more creative side.

I’m a big supporter of diverse books, especially in regards to disability. I wear two hearing aids, and have since I was five (that’s, umm, almost thirty a lot of years). There are plenty of hearing loss talk on my blog, so I’ll keep this brief. I will say I write characters with hearing loss. Sometimes it’s part of the plot, sometimes it’s just an is. My goal has always been to bring that part of my world into my novels.

Why do I want to do PitchWars? Besides the fact that it is THE contest? I have a novel I think is kickass and my CPs love. I want to rip it apart, fix it up, and make it shine. And I’m willing to do just that. I’m a hard worker, a bit obsessive.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading. Seriously. I always have my head in a book and I love my romances. I love the steam, I love the heart, and I love to swoon over the main characters. My two all-time favorite authors are Jennifer Crusie and Jill Shalvis. And if I start reading anything by Colleen Hoover, I end up in a binge reading session until finished.

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