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Differently-abled is Beautiful

As a writer with a disability (and I struggle to accept this label, always have, I feel different, not disabled), my craft has grown to including main characters with different abilities. Some, like my hearing loss, are invisible and not easily seen. Others are more obvious.

I have a hero who is missing a leg. I’ve done a lot of research and have nothing but respect for those who use prosthetics. Since I write romance, I’ve taken the mystique out of it. I’ve needed to know how the limb works, how the prosthetic is put on and removed, etc. And in all my research not once has the stump or prosthetic felt unattractive.

It’s not. Different? Yes. Unattractive? No.

I hope my writing shows this, and my readers swoon over heroes who are not the run of the mill. Furthermore, I hope to give those that are different an opportunity to view themselves in the positive. As they should.

Don’t believe me? Check out these photos posted recently from photographer Michael Stokes. They depict wounded veterans, showing off missing limbs and prosthetics. These men and women are fit and toned. They are confident, they are attractive, and they show us just how beautiful different can be.

Oh, and hot, definitely hot. (swoon)

The picture below is one example, one that reminds me of the hero I’ve written. Click on the picture and see the rest. I think you’ll agree. Be sure to wipe up the drool when you’re done.




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