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This poem sprang to mind as I stared at a picture of myself from my college years. The smile recorded was one I struggle to reproduce. In fairness to my former self, this picture had a cameraman, not myself trying to angle my cell phone. Yet I think parts of this hold true and I hope to find that smile again.

Where did the smiles go?
The endless days of sunshine,
Running through thick grass,
Not a care in the world.

Where did the laughter go?
Before the days of chores and bills,
When nothing weighed down
And nothing trampled. 

Where did the carefree go?
The younger self,
So full of life,
Now drowning in reality. 

Where did it all go?
How can we reclaim those days,
Those moments of pure bliss.
Times not to be missed.

Where, where, where.


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