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Writing Requires Copious Amounts of Ice Cream

The highs and lows in writing are so extreme I should probably be on some sort of medication. I’m a sensitive person to begin with and these days I see my mood being directly related to my writing. It’s such a personal journey, which makes it hard NOT to be affected. This is why ice cream was invented.

Or wine, if that’s more your thing. I’m not much of a drinker (though my characters tend to be lushes) and I’ve been trying to eat better and exercise. So it makes perfect sense I spend my time like this:



A good writing day can put me in a great mood. Meanwhile a bad writing day makes the overall day dark and gray. But this part is easier to control. When I send my baby out into the world the real highs and lows come into play. 

A beta loves my story: happy ice cream time!
An agent rejects a query: crying ice cream time!
A request: happy ice cream time!
A bad review: crying ice cream time!

Our books are our babies and it’s so hard to keep perspective. To be clear, I keep my internal emotional roller coaster internal. I share with friends if I need a shoulder to cry or squeal on. I do NOT take out any manic depressive moods on the person providing the feedback (unless it’s a manic hug, those rock!). I understand what is my own personal reaction and deal with it appropriately.

Not that ice cream is always appropriate. Wait, scratch that. Ice cream is ALWAYS appropriate!

At the end of the day, the highs and lows may be difficult and tiresome. I’m writing for a reason. It’s in my soul. There are stories to be told, characters to create. I need to write. It fulfills me. When I’m not writing a little part of me slowly dies.

The end will justify the means. Until then, I may end up looking like this:


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