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Author Spotlight: KISS THE STARS by Alice Bell

I’m so fortunate that this week I get to spotlight not one but two debut novels! Here’s the first one, with a cover I’m in love with!

kiss the stars_amazon


Irresistible desire. Deadly consequences.

Awkward, gifted and lonely, 21-year old Ruby struggles to navigate the social hierarchy at the private academy where she teaches and is shunned by her co-workers. When she encounters Devon—tall, dark and mysterious—she thinks he is a kindred spirit, another lost soul.

With only fractured memories of his past, Devon is lost. He doesn’t know who (or what) he has become. He only knows he possesses strange powers: supernatural strength and speed, the ability to seduce a woman with a single touch.

What Devon doesn’t know can hurt Ruby. He is the most dangerous kind of predator—impossible to resist. He feeds off human emotion and Ruby, haunted by her own troubled past, is the perfect prey.

As Ruby grows weaker, Devon grows stronger.

With her life and her sanity unraveling, Ruby finds herself remembering strange events from her days in a sanitarium where she was treated for anxiety. When she finds an article torn from an old newspaper, with Devon’s picture on it, she is shocked by what she learns. But only Devon comprehends what is truly at stake.

He is broken, designed to put his dark needs before all else. Yet somewhere—buried deep—fragments of his shattered humanity remain. Is Devon still human enough to save Ruby from himself? Or will the monster inside him claim both their souls?


Part 1

The nearness of death didn’t feel like I thought it would. It wasn’t heavy and cold. It was like butterflies in your stomach, like looking down from somewhere high, like driving too fast, like kissing.

* * *


The annoying squeak of a wheel, somewhere in the distance, caught my attention. Honing in, I picked up the sound of breath. Excited, female.

I was on the edge of town, walking under the full moon, hands shoved into the pockets of my jeans. I passed a lone car with a rear flat parked under a burned out street lamp. The car was a real beast from the last century, a pink Cadillac de Ville with jutting fins, whitewall tires and a certain monstrous gleam.

When I rounded the corner, I found her.

She wore a short pink dress and fishnet stockings. Platform shoes added about six inches to her height. Her legs were slender. She pulled a pink suitcase over the cracked sidewalk. Wow, you don’t see that every day. Her hair was bright and high, piled up and ratted into a fuchsia cloud. She hurried. Her shadow, cast by the moon, evoked the Bride of Frankenstein.

I slid behind a tree, in order to watch her and maybe track her. She whirled around, her eyes probing the length of the block. “Who’s there?” she called. I was nothing more than a sudden breeze. And yet, her gaze landed on me, as if I’d been clumsy. She came straight toward me, the wheels of her suitcase whirring. “What are you doing?” her voice stretched thin.

She wore too much paint. Bright red lips, black smudged around her eyes.

“Just headed home,” I said.

She backed away.


Her already wide eyes grew wider. Any second now, she would notice I was sexy. “You shouldn’t be out here this time of night,” I said. “Are you scared?”

She emitted a scornful pssht and seemed about to say something but checked her watch, instead. It was a slender gold bracelet. She grasped the handle of her suitcase. Her nails were painted blue. They were very short. “I have to go,” she acted like I was holding her up.

She walked away, pulling her suitcase. The squeaky wheel complained.

“Bye,” I whispered, when she stopped at the corner. She crossed the street, in a hurry again, but trying to appear otherwise. I realized it was her pink Cadillac and she’d been too afraid to ask for help. Women were never afraid of me. I was built to rip bodices.

About the Author:

I was born in northern California and grew up in Washington and Oregon in houses where there were always a lot of books. I was irresistibly drawn to books, long before I could read. Somehow, I knew they would give me what I wanted most in life. I went on to graduate kindergarten with honors. But I figured I was done with school, after that. I got what I came for. I had the secret code now and could access magical worlds. What else was there? But my parents wouldn’t let me stay home and read, so eventually, I graduated from high school too, but not with honors. After working a series of odd jobs, including theft counseling, I decided to go back to school and see if I could earn a degree by reading, which resulted in a BA in English (but not an end to odd jobs).

Website: Alice Bell

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