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I Love Revisions—And You Should Too

I love revising. No, really, I do, no sarcasm implied. And at this point many authors are looking at their screens with funny expressions on their faces, or sending some not friendly words my way.

This isn’t to say revisions are easy, just that they are something I’ve found to be a very positive experience. Here’s why:

1) Revisions breathe new life into stories. By the time a revision comes into play a novel has been worked through, cleaned up, and read many times over. The words on the page have grown familiar, and comforting. A revision is a way of looking at all those words differently, a fresh point of view that can take what has grown stagnant into something better.

2) Revisions involve new discoveries of characters. There is always something new to learn about a character, and a revision can take on a different path and open up a character to new experiences, new pasts, or just a different take on life in general.

3) Revisions are a new journey. They mark a changing point for the novel. Regardless of the origin of the revision, a slate is wiped clean and new potential grows. A revision also marks a new journey inside the novel. Something new comes to the plot and the internal journey has a makeover.

Yes, I’m in the middle of a revision right now. And yes, I’m loving it. That’s not to say I haven’t spent a decent amount of time staring at my blinking curser trying to find my way.

But I’m loving the change in the story, the changes in my characters. I’m loving seeing little plot points grow stronger due to the changes, as if the changes were always meant to be there. And I’m loving the new life in the novel, the new excitement for a story grown comfortable.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to work.

Trying to decide if you should begin a revision? Check out this blog post by my writer friend Kim for some excellent pointers!


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