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eReader Editing

There are many different ways to edit. Some writers prefer to keep the document in their favorite word processing program (I’m usually in this camp), others prefer to print and break out a red pen. I’ve recently found a new editing method: eReader.

The eReader is a perfect option when editing is a struggle. Lately I’ve wanted to curl up with a book instead of working, and not have my laptop open. I’m a conservationist; so printing out my manuscript gives me a bit of the willies. That left me with my eReader. I knew I needed to get started on my next project and I didn’t want my personal funk to delay my writing. So I sent the document to my eReader and curled up under a few blankets.

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve edited on my eReader. I’ve used it as a great tool to get work done while on vacation. I often use it as a near final read through to catch what I’ve missed. But up until now I’ve never used it for an earlier edit.

Let me tell you, I’m loving this process. I’ve been in a personal funk, tired and just wanting to put my laptop away and read. So I’ve been reading. As I read I make notes. Lots of notes, I’m fearful I’m going to hit that magic limit and my eReader is going to crash, taking all my notes into the great ole land where missing socks end up. And with over 300 notes this is a very real fear!

This novel had recently gone through a heavy revision, so I’m getting a good opportunity to see how the revision flows. And there is no editing pressure. If I see an issue I flag it for my future self. Current self just enjoys and points out the issues. If an inspiration pops up I type it into my notes. If not? No pressure at all.

Future self… well, she’s going to hate me. Like seriously hate me. Because I’ve left these types of gems in my notes: show this, expand, and awkward, fix this. And when future self sits down to work on those little gems, well, there’s gonna be hell to pay.

With any luck, I will no longer be feeling funky when I attempt to tackle these notes. I’ll be refreshed and ready to make magic out of those cryptic memos. If not, well, there’s always the next round to get it right.

So if you are in an editing funk, change things up. A different approach has a tendency to breathe new life into a novel.


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