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Two Holidays, One Child

This time of year I’m always thinking about the holidays, and the two holidays my little family celebrates. I wanted to revisit a post I made last year, about my son and his two holidays. Unlike last year we have our decorations separated between the two holidays. His choice. Ultimately he loves all the lights and I’m thrilled that I’ve found Chanukah specific lights over the years.

A favorite book to read to him is My Two Holidays. He loves it, because this little kid is just like him: his mommy celebrates Chanukah and his daddy celebrates Christmas. It really is a cute story.

My challenge for the year has been to acquire Chanukah music. My husband has several Christmas albums, and my son requested to listen to Chanukah music. At which point I realized I had none. Plenty of songs in my head, none on CD. I spent the next day searching Chanukah music options, hunting down songs that sound like the tunes I grew up with. In the end I found two: one with more traditional songs (yes, I found Light One Candle, as indicated by my last post as my favorite), and one with funny, rock type songs. I’ll be listening to the second on my way home! And I’m curious which one my son will like.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the holidays seasons, regardless of what you celebrate.

Click here for last year’s post on the same topic.


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