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Work In Process Blog Hop

I was tagged by the lovely Kathleen to participate in a Blog Hop with 10 questions about my current WIP. So here’s another sneak peek at my New Adult story that is slowly morphing into something that looks like an actual novel on my computer.

  1. What is your WIP about?

My current WIP is about a college student who has a hearing loss and constant headaches. She begins to accept her hearing loss, only to discover her headaches are due to a past trauma. When the trauma happens again her life spirals out of control.

  1. What is your main character’s greatest strength?

Carli’s greatest strength is her power to persevere. She’s had attention problems most of her life, but still dreams of becoming a teacher. She adjusts her study habits to match her attention span and continues moving forward.

  1. What is your main character’s greatest flaw?

Her inability to stay on one topic for long, along with willingly ignoring issues that are right under her nose.

  1. Name your main character’s favorite food and drink.

Favorite drink: coke. Favorite food: chicken quesadilla.

  1. What animal would your main character be and why?

A mouse. Small and quiet, a mouse can easily escape and hide.

  1. If you and your main character were in a coffee shop, what would you discuss?

Since I share a hearing loss with Carli, we’d talk about hearing aids, hearing loss, and how we cope with both.

  1. Who would your main character like to date/marry and why?

Carli isn’t sure. She’s never been the type to catch a guy and hasn’t seen anyone worth holding onto. With a hearing loss she doesn’t see herself as exactly desirable. Though the deaf guy she meets certainly seems worth paying attention to.

  1. What superhero does your antagonist act like? Why?

My antagonist acts like Wolverine: short temper and doesn’t take crap from no one.

  1. If you made a music video starring your antagonist, what would be his or her song?

Never Again by Nickelback.

  1. What fictional character do you like the most and why?

Honestly, I’m too eclectic to pick just one! There are so many different attributes that I like about too many different characters. I think each character has their own strengths and weaknesses and I relish in each one’s uniqueness and how they deal with their own personal set backs to rise above.

For the next stop on the blog hop I tag Jen Henderson (www.sjhenderson.net/blog/).


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