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Authors Fangirl Too!

In fact, I think it’s vital for creativity to have someone else to look up to. The stakes are raised higher, and inspiration can be achieved.

For years I robbed myself of this, and have been making up for lost times by reading and reading. And reading. I sometimes slow down in my reading when I’m heavy into my own work, like now.

I’m just a few chapters away from the ending up my current WIP (work in process). The story is heating up, and I’m loving it.

Then I received notification that an eBook I pre-ordered, and had been waiting years for, was available.

I squealed and did a little girly jump at the e-mail, then immediately fired up my eReader to see the shiny new book downloaded.

I told myself I would read just one page. Famous last words.

So, that’s why my blog post is real deep this week, and full of fun pictures!

But, back to my opening statement, reading is good for a writer. I used to be afraid of copying too much from what I read. Not true. Give two writers the same exact plot to write and two very different books will be produced.

When I read a book I enjoy, I stop and think of why. What did I like about the writing? What did I like about the plot? Sometimes, in the case of the book that has drained my eReader of battery life, the book is a Paranormal Romance. Not my usual genre to write, so I really enjoy seeing all the different elements of the paranormal aspects of the story.

I also have learned a lot from other writers and how they form their words. Recently I read a book where the author had an amazing skill of taking one sentence, and throwing in enough sensory details that with just that one sentence, that the whole scene became a visual image in my head. Cue me being in awe, and promptly thinking of ways I could do the same in my own writing.

All this to say: I’m loving being a fangirl. As soon as I write a few more words in my novel, and my eReader finishes charging, I’m going back to reading.

Although I may be found, in the not so distant future, standing by the outlet reading…


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