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So You Think You Can Write Semi-Finalist!

There are many opportunities for writers, including contests to enter. I personally love entering contests. Each contest I’ve entered I’ve learned something, either from following the twitter feeds discussing the contest, following the contest organizers, or in meeting other writers and building connections.

A few weeks back I entered Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write contest. This is a contest I had heard about last year and was so excited to give it a try when I had a manuscript ready. This year I almost didn’t enter. I hemmed and hawed and then finally sucked it up and tossed my hat in the ring, what did I have to lose from trying? The only thing that can be lost is not trying.

Last Monday I got a call on my cell phone from a strange number. With my hearing loss I couldn’t quite hear the voice message that was left, but I thought I made out: So You Think You Can Write. The rest was blocked out by my heart hammering louder than any other sounds. I listened to the message two more times, still couldn’t make it out, but was pretty sure it was the contest. Once I calmed down I called the number back and was able to confirm I was in the top 25 moving on to the semi-finals round!

I’ve entered a decent amount of contests, this is the first time I’ve moved forward. Anything can happen from here but I’m taking it as a sign that my story is heading in the right direction. Above all, I’m thrilled. Thrilled for the opportunity, thrilled to see my writing, my story, being enjoyed.

The top 25 were chosen based on our entire first chapters, which was uploaded to the site. Here’s my entry: http://www.soyouthinkyoucanwrite.com/manuscripts-sytycw-2014/perfect-together/ Take a look and let me know what you think!

And now I’m going to go back to reading the other first chapters of the semi-finalists. I’m honored to be up there with this group and am truly going to be thrilled for the 10 who advance to the next level.


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