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Bittersweet Writing Changes—New Cover for LILA’S CHOICE

A couple months ago I made a difficult decision to make some changes to LILA’S CHOICE. This is the hardest change I’ve had to make. Worse than killing off characters and cutting minor plots. I decided to change the cover.

There are many reasons this change was a difficult one to make. The main one being who my artist was: my husband. My very talented husband made my original cover. From scratch. I love his work. When he started working on this I had no idea what I wanted, all I knew was that I loved artwork for covers and envisioned LILA’S CHOICE that way. He went through a few concepts and the final result matched my story and my characters.

So why the change? I may love the cover but the cover is ultimately a marketing move. I’ve seen countless articles about how important the cover is for sales. I’ve spent a great deal of time looking at other novels in my genre and seeing what covers readers have been gravitating towards. In the end I came to the hard conclusion my cover wasn’t grabbing the right reader. So I broke my husband’s heart and went back to the drawing board.

Somehow I managed to fall in love with a second cover. In some ways it is similar to the original, in other ways it is not. Ultimately it sets the tone in a different way and I hope will catch the eye.

Now I am taking two risks: one that my husband will forgive me (he’s requested I watch a bunch of horror movies with him, I’m hoping I can get out of those, not my cup of tea), and two that the new cover will be worth risking marital bliss.

Tomorrow I’ll see which end is up. Be sure to come back for the reveal. I’ll have a rafflecopter going with some great prizes. LILA’S CHOICE, all spiffed up with her new cover, will go on sale in celebration. I look forward to seeing you there.

And if you have any ideas how I can make my lovely, talented, wonderful husband forgive me, I’m all ears.



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