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Cutting Fun Sections

In my latest novel, my contemporary romance, one of my characters is a cat named Oreo. It is no coincidence that I have a cat named Oreo as well! Oreo enjoys sitting on my lap as I type, and trying to delete sections she decides isn’t right.

I had a lot of fun writing about this curious feline, since she has such a strong personality. But writing about her strong personality meant I was taking away from my plot. Two of my beta readers both told me I needed to cut a fun section with Oreo being a quirky cat. So, while petting the purring real life Oreo I cut the scene with fictional Oreo.

Then, inspiration struck! I couldn’t keep the section in my story, but I could still share it with the world. So, here’s a tiny sneak peak at my romance, but mostly, here’s a fun (unedited) scene with Oreo. Enjoy:

Nica hung up the phone and promptly put her head in her hands. Oreo came over but instead of being a sweet, supportive cat and give her owner some much-needed love, all the feline did was beg for attention. One paw raised and placed a firm tap on Nica’s hand. Then Oreo sat and waited, head cocked to the side. When Nica didn’t move Oreo placed her paw on her servant’s hand a second time, holding the contact for double the length. Then she waited again. As the paw reached for her third attempt Nica let out a groan and moved one hand off her head. The happy feline began rubbing her head over Nica’s fingers, desperate to sooth her itchy skin.

This interchange is very much how the real life Oreo behaves. She’s an amusing little gal. She’s also deaf and has no peripheral vision. A tough former stray she doesn’t take orders, as is evident of her continuing to step on my laptop, while I’m typing. Naughty kitty.


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