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Pepper, the shaky cat

Meet Pepper, my sweet kitty.


Here she was keeping my legs warm, and giving me gentle purrs as I worked on editing. Much better than her sister, who tries to climb into my lap and sit on my keyboard!

Pepper is my shaky cat. She had a cerebellar hypoplasia, an under-developed cerebellum. What does that mean? She’s a happy, healthy cat; her coordination is just off. She has a tendency to bob her head like a bob doll, and she doesn’t like it. If she catches you mimicking her shake she very carefully, and deliberately, holds her head still.

Pepper moves with caution, knowing her grip on gravity isn’t as good as it should be. She takes extra time to jump, and has a tendency to miss her landing. And if she does, she becomes very embarrassed and runs away.

She still isn’t quite sure what to make of my four-year-old son, though she is learning he can be great fun when he plays with her toys. Correctly. It isn’t often; after all, I have a four-year-old boy!


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