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Social Media and Romance Books

As a romance writer and reader I follow a lot of romance writers, bloggers, and groups on Facebook and Twitter. No big deal, right?


I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed one night and my husband looked over my shoulder and called out, “wait! Scroll back.” I obliged and he stared at the picture of the screen.

Now, this was just a simple cover of a novel. But of a romance novel. So… scantily clad men and women with a few inappropriate handholds.

Cue husband looking at me like I’ve been leading a secret life he wasn’t aware of. I merely shrugged and explained it the best way I could. “Romance novels.”

Any random day I scroll through my news feed and see the following: cat pictures, baby pictures, cat comics, a meme from George Takai, a crotch shot of a male with a female hand down his pants (because a full cover is normally not shown, just the good parts… er, center), kid picture, man and woman in embrace, dog picture, etc.

On twitter it’s even more interesting. One day, while half my feed was involved in a chat about sex abuse, I’m pretty sure I saw a tongue licking… a shaved cat (insert slang here and other meaning, I’ll wait for you to catch up, got it? Good). The censorship is a bit different over there, and I follow a few erotica authors, so…

Bottom line, if your feeds need a little spicing up, follow an author, or blogger, or a group that promotes books. Just be prepared for the confused husband conundrum.


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