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The Healing Power of Poetry

Poetry is something I’ve dabbled with time and again. Unlike my writing, my poetry has always been for me. A chance to open up myself, to myself, and let the tumultuous feelings flow. I think it’s no fluke that most of my writing came about in those years in-between youth and adult, when emotions are sky high.

It’s also no fluke that I thought of poetry as I continue to struggle with my creative depression. I opened up a blank word document and just wrote. When I write poetry it flows from my heart to the page, with little cranial activity. I don’t edit my poems, most of the time. They survive in the rough form.

What did my creative depression bring out of me? This poem:



Darkness surrounds

Snakes through the light

Covers, cumbersome, devouring.


Leaving me drowning

Fading from sight

Alone, aloof, always by choice


Unable to open

To let others in

Drowning, drowning, drowning.


The darkness takes hold

I fight back

Weak punches enshrouded in the black.


I push up

I push out

Struggling toward the light.


Yet am held back.

By something, by something.


By me.


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