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LILA’S CHOICE – Cover Reveal!

Some things are worth waiting for. After months of being quiet on the progress of LILA’S CHOICE, I am happy to announce that things are moving forward, and at a quick pace as well. The first set of good news is that I am the proud owner of a beautiful cover:

Laura Ebook Final-small

I keep looking at the cover in awe. It’s one thing to set out to accomplish something, it is quite another to see it come into reality. Having a cover, with my title and my name on it, is one of those moments. Those “holy crap” moments.

So, the story is written and polished. It has been uploaded to the various places necessary for publication. Now it has a cover… Only thing left to do is make one last obsessive sweep through for last minute errors. And publish.

I think at this point I need a publication date, don’t you?

February 10th, 2014 sounds like a good date to me.


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