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Daddy on Halloween

“Where’s Daddy on Halloween?”

My little one asked through the screen

I put down my pumpkin and let out a sigh

Looking deeply into little doe eyes

How could I begin to tell her the truth?

Could she comprehend? Would she need proof?

I called over my girl—in her little black hat

Shortly in toe came a little black cat

Sitting she stared, wide eyed with wonder

As I stood still to ponder

“Daddy’s fine day is this Halloween Night

He’s waited all year to put on a fright

All day while you were at school

Your Daddy played music, much like a fool

Screeches and screams, moans and groans

Eerie echoes filled this home

And Daddy applied make-up of startling white

Outlining his eyes as dark as the night

Daddy donned a long black cloak

And covered his eyes in nothing but smoke

He put on a hat—so tall and black

He pushed out two teeth—sharp and sleek

Then Daddy sprouted two large wings

And flew off to where the fun begins”

My little girl chuckled, my little girl gasped

And out came two wings rather fast

Tossing her hat down by my side

She soared high and scoured the sky

My little sweet witch was no more

And now I hand out candy alone

My little black cat and I


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