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A Positive Review—The Greatest Gift You Can Give An Author

I’m writing this now as an unpublished author. The reason being is that I’m not soliciting anything for myself, as I have nothing to be reviewed. Rather I’m soliciting reviews for my fellow indie authors. If you read a book and enjoy it, tell the world.

For the moment I am leaving out best selling, traditionally published authors. That is not to say they don’t deserve good reviews. They do. But the indie author doesn’t have a team supporting them. They don’t have the same access to accolades as a traditional best seller does. A best seller, but default of being a best seller, already has a fan following, and often times a decent amount of reviews from those fans.

The indie author has worked hard, against odds, to get his or her work to the public. Lots of sacrifice has been made. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears. They know that someone has read their work. Without a review they don’t know that someone has also enjoyed their work.

So take a few minutes and go to Amazon or Goodreads, or any place you see reviews, and put in a few words. I’ll admit that I’m not the best at giving reviews out myself, but if I read and like an indie book, I make sure to give that author something. I also tend to run to Facebook and other public forums to spread the news about a good author.

Negative reviews are fine as well, that’s how we learn and grow. I am certainly not saying that only good reviews need to be shared, as that is not the case. More I am encouraging you to lend a helpful review when the novel is right. And if you do leave a negative review, please make it a constructive one. There is far too much Internet bashing going on.

Another side to a good review: reviews bring in more readers. Besides giving an author a nice pat on the back, you are giving them something much better: a larger audience. Someone debating whether or not to try a book, and a new author, will read reviews. A good review, your review, just might cause someone else to try and enjoy that book.

Give something back to the indie authors, let us know you are reading, and enjoying, our work. It will light that fire under us and get us working on that next novel. Which hopefully you will enjoy just as much.


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