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How I Decided to Self-Publish

My journey in writing a novel starting back in 2002, when the publishing industry looked a bit different than it does today. I got myself a Writer’s Market book and set about looking for agents that might be a good match. Over the years I ended up with a few editions of the Writer’s Market books, and continued to comb through and update my database.

Then I stopped. I stopped writing. I stopped editing. I stopped querying. I would attempt to get back into the groove throughout the years, sent off a measly query or two. But the fire was out.

Flash forward to 2013 when the fire was re-ignited. The publishing world had changed and I found self-publication to be a viable option. The writing world is changing. The reading world is changing. No one knows what it will look like a year from now, never mind in ten years. There is no one right answer.

I met other indie authors and felt at home. I liked the control a self-published author keeps, even as the weight of doing it all alone is terrifying. This path spoke up and said it was the right path.

Then I entered a pitch contest and got two nibbles on my writing. NIBBLES! Holy cow! Someone liked my pitch?! Cue the schoolgirl nerves and excitement. I put the brakes on the self-publication train and waited to see what would happen to my nibbles. I didn’t sit around and do nothing. I switched my focus to my other projects. Always move forward, even if the step may be considered sideways.

Nothing came from the nibbles, which is status quo for the writing world. But the thought of having an agent or publisher was renewed inside. I like the thought of being chosen. I like the thought of not having to pay anything out of my own pocket. And I had all that research I had done years ago on agents. Some of those must still be thriving, right?

Some were, and I started the query train back up. All the while editing again.

And then I hit another writing wall. If I work at representation that will add more years to the wait time to be published. That will push aside my dream of publication in 2013. That will mean more work and editing on a novel that I was done with months ago.

But yet, the real answer is simple. The real answer is and has been sitting right in front of me. I love Project Torture. She’s my baby, my first novel. She has quirky characters and a story that I am proud of. She’s an indie book.

So another step to the side, another step forward. Project Torture will be self-published. But that doesn’t mean I am done querying. That doesn’t mean I am done with agents or publishers. It just means that I have decided the right path for my first novel.

I’m digging my heels in this time. 2013 is almost over. I have only a few months left to change my description for “aspiring” to “published”. I will do it. It’s time.


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