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50,000 word challenge a success!

July has come and gone, and with it the challenge to write 50,000 words. My final word count was 53,000 for the month. The novel entered completed first draft at 61,000 words, not too shabby for a little over 30 days. She is still on the short side for her genre, but I’m letting that slide for now. Editing can mean many changes for a novel.

At the end, I’m excited to have another completed story under my belt. I really do love the process of writing something new and fresh. I don’t remember how long my first novel took to write. I know my second one took years as I took large breaks in-between, and was trying (and failing) not to write her. Now I know with hard work and dedication, not to mention an understanding family and obsessive work ethic, I can complete a first draft in about a month.

My next challenge is to complete editing in a short amount of time as well. Not a challenge I’m ready to tackle just yet, as it’s time to put my focus back on Project Torture and her grand debut. But one day. Soon.

Until then, I designed a cover for my completed 50,000 word challenge, just for fun. The picture is from another blog, and I fully intend to make the yummy morsel depicted. I really do like the cover and had fun making it while I stared at the wall of writer’s block:

Ethical Dilemma1

Bottom line, I enjoyed writing with a goal and a time limit. It was a learning experience to see what I was able to accomplish. When I started I didn’t know if the goal was realistic. Now I know it is. I may have a first draft of crap. But it’s my crap and I’m proud of it.

If anyone out there is wondering if they can write their own book, give it a try. Just write. Set a goal. Meet that goal, don’t meet that goal. Just keep writing.


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