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Update on the 50,000 word Challenge

I have been participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month, a challenge to get writers writing. My goal is to write 50,000 words. My current word count for camp is 42,000 words in 21 days. Not too shabby, I should finish the goal in the next few days. I’m also close to finishing the novel, which I was hoping would be a bit longer, but that’s a problem for another day.

Bottom line: this is the first time I have written with a time limit. In the past I have been writing when it feels good and letting my creativity flow. Now I’m writing almost daily and have been keeping myself grounded. It’s hard but a lot of fun. To the point where I think “I could do this full time as a career.” But that’s jumping ahead quite a few steps, because most authors don’t make a living off their writing. Still, it would be a lot of fun to wake up in the morning, make some coffee, settle in behind my laptop, and write. In my pajamas. Though eventually I would need to brave the sunlight and find a way to work in things like human interactions. And showering.

Perhaps that’s why it’s best if writers don’t always get the chance to make a living off of writing alone?

My work in process involves a social worker that finds herself in an unethical situation. This is my first contemporary romance. Yes, that means sex scenes. I had written a while back about them. It’s safe to say I’m no longer a sex scene virgin. My cherry has been popped! I’ve even incorporated food… More on that later.

I’m getting to know my characters and they are a lot of fun. This past week I found myself staring at THE WALL, a.k.a. Writer’s Block. The wall was tall and large and pushed me off if I tried to climb. I managed to write beyond the wall, I back tracked and added more before the wall. But the wall still stood, tall and proud. Laughing at me. I took to adding graffiti to the wall. There was little brick left by the time I finally tore it down.

Even with running into the daunting wall I’m having fun. Most days I’m pretty sure I’m writing crap. But I’m writing. And there are parts that I love and make me do a happy dance. Other parts that I know will come under rapid fire in the editing process. After over a decade of working with the same set of characters for Project Torture it’s fun to be making new friends.

My goal is to have this novel in completed first draft form by the end of July. The only question is what range the final word count will be. I want it to be a full-length novel; the novel wants to be a novella. I’m not sure who will win. Regardless, when this is done I will have one completed novel, one in editing, and one in first draft. As well as a handful of ideas simmering in various stages. Crap or not I feel like a writer. Because I am.


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