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Traditional Book vs EBook

For a while I held out against going digital with my reading. I have always loved the feel and texture of a traditional book. Furthermore I spend a decent amount of time staring at electronics, I enjoy the ability to look at something not powered by electricity.

That changed a few months ago. I have an iPad at home and downloaded a Kindle app so that I could read some of my writer friend’s books. I then downloaded the Kindle app for my computer and my phone. Since my son has claimed the iPad for himself I find myself reading my eBooks mostly on my phone.

There are certainly benefits to having a virtual book. I can switch between formats and keep my space. Since I have the app on my phone I can read at any time, while in my car with a sleeping kid, while waiting for an appointment, or down time around the house. I don’t need to have my traditional paper book with me in order to read, just one of my devices that has the app.

I still prefer to hold a book in my hands. Technology is great but I find it awkward. I like being able to flip to the front of my book and see the cover. I like flipping to the back and reading the synopsis over. Once in a while I like torturing myself and flipping to the end of the book, then kicking myself for anything I may have read during that flip.

I can flip through an eBook, but it’s not the same. I can’t, at least on my readers, flip chunks of pages at a time. I also HATE not knowing what page number I am on. It drives me batty. The very first full eBook I read I was enjoying thoroughly. Then I got to the end and was completely surprised. It was a cliffhanger but I had NO idea the end was near. I sat dumbfounded for a while, confused, thinking I was missing pages somehow. Nope. Just a crafty writer and a loss of what I have come to expect from books.

All that being said I’ve recently become addicted to renting eBooks from my library. I’m telling myself that I should hop in my car and take a trip down to the library and borrow some nice paper books. I haven’t made it yet. I’ve put holds on a few books that interest me. Because of the e-loan wait lists I am at the mercy of when these books become available. So instead of getting through my stack of paper books at home to read I keep reading one eBook after another. It’s turning into an addiction. When I’m in-between novels I keep flipping to my app on my phone, itching to read something.

When I publish I will publish both electronically and traditional paper. I can’t wait to hold my book in my hands, all spiffy and professional looking. I expect I’ll sell more eBooks then traditional. EBooks are cheaper; it makes perfect sense. It’s part of the reason why I started looking into the eBooks for myself in the first place.

What do you prefer? Do you have different pros and cons for each? There certainly are merits to both. I did always like that my paper books don’t need to be charged.


2 thoughts on “Traditional Book vs EBook

  1. I love paperbacks, but seem to read more books on my Kindle Fire now that I have one. When the ebook isn’t cheap (often the case with some of my favorite authors), it makes it easy for me to prefer the paperback instead. 🙂

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