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A conversation with a character

I keep trying to write a conversation with one of my characters from my first book, Project Torture. I can’t do it. For whatever reason I am an omnipresent God-like character in my novels and to have an actual conversation with my characters is Just. Plain. Weird. I’m sure one day I’ll develop a crazy enough prophet that will be able to sit and chat with me, and perhaps even carry messages on paper back to the other misbehaving gremlins. I haven’t developed such a character as of yet.

It’s a shame too, because the character I wanted to chat with on this blog had a lot to say. He’s one of my main characters of Project Torture, Nate. His character underwent the biggest transformation in my last edit. My beta readers identified him as “wimpy” and I had to take action. Nate had already blossomed in my eyes through the sequel and he and I agreed that “wimpy” was sadly a just description. He perched on my shoulder and cheered as lines were changed.

To be honest, if he could he’d go back and change quite a few more lines, and plot points. I’m fearful if I let him I’d end up with a completely new plot. So instead we compromised. I removed anything that was no longer a good match for his character, and he agreed to swallow the rest.

My beta readers have yet to see the new and improved Nate. I’m hoping they’ll like him, or at least find him to be less wimpy. Nate’s not holding his breath. He’s already making notes for me on the rest of the changes he hopes to see.

Well, what do you know; perhaps I can have a conversation with my characters! I knew I didn’t have a God complex. Or maybe Nate is a prophet after all. Best not to give him too much power, or I’ll wake up with a different plot…


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