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A Day in the Life of a Two-Year-Old: Part Two

Click here for Part One. This did happen the following day from my last Day in the Life of a Two-Year-Old post, and we have him on film as proof!

I was still really upset that James wasn’t at home anymore. As soon as I woke up I begged Daddy for James. I saw Mommy and asked her for James. They wouldn’t give me him. I thought I had made myself perfectly clear the other day! I decided to compromise for Action Chugger but only got the same lackluster results.

Then, instead of being a good Daddy and taking me back to Target he brought me to daycare! Don’t get me wrong, I like the place, they have an ample selection of trains to play with, but I didn’t want to be there today, I wanted to get James!

So I cried, and I cried, and I cried. My nice teacher tried to calm me down but I didn’t want hugs, I wanted JAMES! Why don’t these adults understand the basic necessities of being a 2 year old? Eventually I was too tired to cry anymore so I decided to play with my friends and plot my evening exploitation of my parents.

When Mommy came to pick me up I was excited, finally I would get James. We got in the car and I could already envision the apple on the front of Target. Mommy had the nerve to go home instead! The nerve! Daddy was home and I told them both that I wanted James. I was clear. Then I remembered Action Chugger… He’s a train but also a super hero! Really cool. I quickly changed my mind. I NEEDED Action Chugger. James was now chopped liver to me.

Finally Mommy and Daddy wised up and took me out to Target, FINALLY! We pulled in and I knew exactly what I wanted: Koko. He’s green and white, he’s cool. We go into the store and I get Koko in my hot little hands. But wait, there was Action Chugger! And train sets! And… James? No, Daddy, please, stop showing me James. I’m over him, he was so thirty minutes ago, sheesh!

I was very happy with Koko, I was, but then I saw another green little train, Percy. And he came with a bouncy ball and a clown car! SOLD! Where is the check out? My parents insisted on offering me James, and Action Chugger, and Koko, they must think I change my mind frequently. They said something about never getting anything else for the rest of my life but eh, I’m cute, I’m not worried.

Finally I’m home with Percy. And I’m happy. For now.


2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Two-Year-Old: Part Two

  1. Ah, I remember these days with fondness. Kids are so passionate in their fleeting enthusiasms, especially at two. Thanks for the walk down memory lane, and good luck on your nano camp!

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