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Aspiring Writer to Published Writer – 2013

This year WILL be the year I become a published writer. I’ve journeyed through varying thoughts about self-publishing. The rules of the game have changed greatly in the past decade. My time is NOW.

I began writing Project Torture in 2002. I was a recent college graduate and decided to channel my writing desires into a full-length novel. It took me a year or two to get a completed draft. Then I edited while life happened around me.

Over the years I have contact agents, not as many as I should have, but I have. There are several feelers out right now and I fully intend on sending more. But an agent is not the only way to become published, and a self-published author can still get an agent.

Bottom line. We write to tell a story, to share a story. I am down to my last few edits on Project Torture. She’s almost ready for her grand debut.

I’m giddy. Perhaps it’s only the sneaking suspicion that my decaf caramel latte is a full caf caramel latte. Or maybe it’s the sheer excitement that I’ve done this. I’m doing this. There will be a book out there with my name. My words. My thoughts. My characters. My world. Other people will read it. Ambush it. Shake their heads that I even thought this was publishable. Or maybe they will enjoy it like I have.

This year is my year. I can feel it. I can reach it. I can taste it: it has a chocolate coating over a rich and creamy filling. It’s success.

My first book is preparing to be published. My second book, against my original reservations, has gone through her first full round of edits. A third book for the series is fighting to be set free and developed. My other projects are patiently waiting their turn to shine.

I am a writer. Stay tuned for more information on Project Torture. I hope you will join me on this journey and help me have a successful start. Ultimately I hope you will read and enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Aspiring Writer to Published Writer – 2013

  1. I’m excited for you! Trust me, it is not the caffeine in your coffee. Those are true butterflies of elation for a job well done. Congratulations and looking forward to reading your work.

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