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Slow Beginnings

How long does it take you to get into a book? At what point do you stop reading and give up? In the past few months I have taken a lovely nosedive back into reading. I always love the feeling of curling up with a good book. The problem for me came when I seemed to always pick the wrong book off the shelf. The book that didn’t grab me the way a good book should. The book that didn’t make my heart sing. The book that made each page turn painful.

That is what originally led me to write. If I couldn’t find what I wanted to read maybe I could write it? And I did. Now I can look back on those difficult to get into books with different eyes. Each book is a learning process for me. If it’s good or bad, why? I can learn from my own likes and dislikes to strengthen my own work.

I have found that an average book takes about one hundred pages for me to become hooked. The last book I read it was two hundred. This particular book was over four hundred pages long, so it was still less then halfway through. Since I’m in editing mode I have the itch to write down a long list of edits and get the book reworked to my liking. I don’t think this best selling author will care much for that.

With my own first novel I have a slow start. I know when the book picks up in plot, and I know when a few of my beta readers became hooked. I’m currently working on fixing that beginning to get the hook in earlier. I’m an unknown author; I need every trick up my sleeve to get my readers to give me a chance!

Yet it puzzles me. So many successful books out there have sometimes painful beginnings. Why not I? Why didn’t someone tell THEM to rework their beginning? Okay, enough of having a hissy fit. I’ll leave that to my three-year-old. He’s in the terrible threes and Mommy wants a turn!

How long does an average book take to hook you? How long do you give a story before throwing in the towel? Inquiring writers want to know.


2 thoughts on “Slow Beginnings

  1. I’m usually hooked within the first 50 pages. But if I get bored by the second or third chapter, I’ll usually put it down.

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