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Writing and Reading

The secret to good writing is reading. I’ve heard and read this everywhere. For me I purposely didn’t write and read in conjunction. I was fearful of stealing from other writers so I held off. I’m learning the error of my ways.

With my newfound surge of reading I am learning what I like as a reader. This is important. Writers read to help strengthen their writing, and strengthen their plot. Knowing what you like as a reader is vital for writing. For a romance I like to see the spark between the two characters early on. Sadly that is not what I did in my first novel.

I was trying to throw in the element of surprise in a romance, which takes a very talented and creative writer to obtain (not patting myself on the back on this notion, I don’t believe I have done this yet, but still something I want to achieve). I took my time setting up the characters and plot, throwing in a few twists and turns from the main focus.

I achieved exactly what I don’t like about some of the books I am reading, a slow start. Time to take a few more steps back (have I mentioned I’m hating this never ending editing process?) and see what I can do. Once the words are on the page I often feel they are set in stone. But I’m taking a chance, adding a bit here and there, seeing if I can create some spark that would grab me, the reader.

It’s almost impossible to be a reader of a novel that has been edited into oblivion. But I’ll give it a try, and then let my beta readers tell me if I’m any where near the mark.


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