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First Person to Third Person

I am in the midst of my biggest novel overhaul to date. Since it’s conception Project Torture has been written in the first person, shifting between two main characters, two supporting characters, and later two minor characters. After reviewing some of my feedback from beta readers I have decided to give third person a try.

I’m still not sure how I feel about this. Some sections I’m seeing the potential that I now have, seeing the section grow and strengthen from the third person switch. Other sections I’m struggling, feeling that I am losing something in the transition.

My character voices are becoming quieter, but MY voice is growing louder. I miss those pesky little devils that have enjoyed yelling at me for over a decade. They don’t feel the same sentiments. Quite honestly they are relieved to no longer have to shoulder the responsibility of telling their story. Now it’s up to me.

In the end, I don’t know what person Project Torture will be written in. The transition is all too new. And since I’m a heavy pronoun user it’s taking a bit of time to convert all those pesky I’s and My’s to S/He’s/His/Hers. Maybe the silver lining is my pronoun addiction will be cured?

Then again, maybe not, just looking over what I have written here I’m pretty sure this is one addiction that will remain for quite some time longer.

Anyone ever tackle a conversion like this? Any tips for making is easier? I.. Err.. SHE, the author, will appreciate any help that can be sent her way.


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