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Is Writing Insanity?

Embracing my writing side I worry more and more about my sanity. My characters talk to me. I have conversations with them in my head. And then, to top it all off, I write about them. So not only are they figments of my imagination. Figments that have well developed personalities, physical attributes, and expansive back-stories. But I share this with others. I am telling the world: Hey, come meet several of my closest imaginary friends that I have written about.

Each of my characters has their own voice. I spend my quiet time having them interact in my head, fleshing out scenes or just playing with back stories that will help me flesh out other areas of my books. Isn’t this two-steps away from having a multiple personality disorder?

To make matters worse I argue with my characters. I have had some vicious fights over the outcome of a story. There is a plot in my sequel that I hadn’t planned on writing. If written at all it would have been in a hypothetical third book. But my characters yelled at me. They begged. They bought my flowers. When all else failed they offered up chocolate and I found myself powerless to resist. They successfully got their plot written.

Just last week I complained to my husband that my character was writing her scene on a more somber note then I had planned. Umm, who’s the writer here? Why am I letting my character write a scene any differently that I had intended?

Oh, that’s right. Because I am insane. My name is Laura Brown and I am an insane writer.


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