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Editing… Editing… Editing… Free flow writing…

I have spent the last few months editing. Reading over my first novel. Going back and checking for specific issues. In the middle of checking for specific issues I am currently searching the document for hot words that may need replacing. Make no mistake about it; this is not the exciting aspect of writing. It’s difficult and at times can be a struggle. Or at least, a struggle when compared to the thrill of free flow writing and getting that climatic scene perfect.

It’s only logical that I have found myself adding scenes to my sequel. I started writing the sequel when one of my early rounds of editing had me yearning for a clean document with an open page and free flowing fingers typing up a storm. I stopped because the sequel became complicated and no longer a fun side step to the editing.

In the past few months I have finished the sequel. And I duel with myself, forcing myself not to edit it. Not to get wrapped into two edits at once. I also don’t want to polish it off. At the end of the day it’s a sequel, and until my first novel is published there could be changes that come into play. Those changes could have a ripple effect on the sequel, which would spell trouble for a polished piece of work.

Between the two works I have my characters stuck in my head. They have more stories to tell. Each are being little divas and demanding more screen time. Thinking about the ending of my sequel I realized a whole section I had missed. And even though I am way over word count already I’m back to writing. Planning these in-between scenes, fleshing out the plot. Having way too much fun with imaginary characters.

And slowly the editing inches along. The initial fire is gone. Miles and miles to go and I’m off playing with the new toy, ignoring the old. I will get there. I just might have the sequel set in quite a bit of stone by the time I do.


2 thoughts on “Editing… Editing… Editing… Free flow writing…

  1. Playing with the new toy sounds great to me. That’s a good way to do it. I’ve been revising mine for too long, but now it’s finally done. Or maybe it’s never really done.

  2. My money is on never being done. Rather it’s different levels of done. It seems there is always something to edit. The end point is either when someone else picks up the novel and takes control, or we relinquish it to the world ourselves. And even then, I am told, more editing can occur!

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