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Show and Tell

Lately I have been playing a little game of Show and Tell with my first novel. Unlike when I played this game in kindergarten it has not been very fun. I am on a witch-hunt with my manuscript. Finger poised over the delete key I’m hunting for signs of telling. Rifle locked and loaded I am on a deleting frenzy. Those pesky little tells are littering my manuscript. Worse, they are quirky, delightful little sections.

A trembling hand highlights the ill-equipped section. Eyes closed I hit delete. Allowing a single tear to fall in honor of the fallen I brush it aside. Now the fun begins again. It’s time to show.

So, it’s not as dramatic as all that, just doing a little practicing.

Sadly, unfortunately, undeniably I am also on the hunt for adverbs. Apparently I like adverbs. I use them a lot. Found a sentence with five of the little buggers in my very first section. (Sadly I knew that I was not only trapped but way too drunk to successfully avoid spilling my guts, thankfully only metaphorically. Yikes!) The adverbs are fighting harder than the tells are. They are frantically screaming as the cursor comes close, trembling, hugging the other words tightly. Yet most will go.

So when you finally read Project Torture and see a little adverb smiling gleefully at you be nice to the little gal. She’s a survivor and just wants to be loved after watching her friends and family massacred.


One thought on “Show and Tell

  1. I feel your pain because I need to do this very thing. (Don’t we all?) Love your blog, which I stumbled upon while surfing the ABNA threads! Good luck with your edits!

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