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Welcome to my author blog! As an unknown, unpublished, author there are not a lot of places to share my writing with the masses. My goal is to change that in the near future. I look forward to having a place to connect with my fellow writers, give those that know me updates on my books, and hopefully one day have a place for fans of my books to come and learn a bit more about me and my process.

Let me start in the beginning. I recently put the finishing touches on my first novel. This has been my baby for a long time as it has taken me a decade to get to a point where I can call it finished. I started writing it in 2002 upon graduating from college. Soon I found myself in a full time job and trying to juggle professional, personal, and writing lives. In 2006 I took a break from writing to focus on getting married. Until recently I struggled to get back into a good groove. It’s a common story: marriage, house, cats, kid… Where does the time go? More on my family later, as I do love to talk about them!

Finally I found a new focus and am proud to call myself an author of a finished work. Since finishing I dug up my work in progress, a sequel, and became lost in the creative process once again. Having finished the first draft of this sequel I am currently taking a step back and deciding which project I want to continue developing.

My current goal is to seek representation for my first novel. Ultimately I want to write and I want to share my stories with others. I do plan to self publish if I am not successful in other avenues. One step at a time, I need to try plan A before moving onto plan B.

That’s my writer self in a nutshell. I look forward to seeing where this blog takes me. Hopefully it will be a wild ride towards publication!


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